This is just the beginning…

We have a long standing heritage in composites and pride ourselves on innovation and a passion for what we do.

Introducing the Maverik…

Design for manufacture

The Maverik has been reimagined and designed for manufacture to overcome the complex task of building and assembling the International Moth.


Thanks to our modular approach to manufacture, the Maverik has several upgrade/ customisation options available.

Power module

Say hello to the “Henchley”, a solid state power unit designed to take all of the loads from the current Moth rig away from the boat and mast. A simple, elegant and innovative solution for today’s International Moth

– Coming soon

In-Depth tutorial videos

Everything from first assembly to tuning tips will be available to get you to the front quicker and have you sailing faster.

Effortless assembly

The Maverik has been designed to be assembled in no time. And with our modular approach, swapping out parts is a breeze.

Support and Updates

With our ever present R & D programme, all updates are backwards compatible to allow you to remain fully up to date. This means you stay competitive within the constantly evolving International Moth class.

The Maverik Moth is the culmination of many years of development with several new and innovative ideas…

Get ready to stand out

The Maverik design speaks for itself
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